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Feb 2, 2018

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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Activities

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Christian Parish Activities in Menomonee Falls

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin has a wide variety of activities for our parishioners and guests to take part in. Become a part of the choir and sing to God during service on Sunday.If you wish to play an instrument, instrumentalist parts are also available for services on Sunday.

We offer adult and child Lutheran education classes at our Christian church. Children may attend Sunday school to learn more about their faith. Confirmation classes are also available for those wishing to become adult members of the Lutheran faith.

Our Agape Meal Program brings the Milwaukee people together for food and worship. Participate in Lutheran prayers and biblical discussions while forming a closer friendship with your community.

Prayer Shawl Ministry in Waukesha is a great way to provide social services to the local needy. Those who knit shawls pray for either a specific person in need or anyone who may need comfort. The recipient of the prayer shawl will feel the warmth and comfort of your prayers.

Gloria Dei Quilters make quilts to send to various places. These quilts go to overseas, area hospitals and other areas or places that could use them. You may donate quilts you made or join a quilting group in Menomonee Falls for a sense of community and fellowship.

Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, or WELCA, is an organization of adult women for ministry and worship at our Christian church. The women who join our WELCA program are welcomed with hospitality and friendship. A strong bond is formed among these women who work together to help their community. Join us today to gain a stronger faith and good conscience, knowing you helped better the lives of others.

Young at Hearts provides entertainment and activities for adults on our Christian church grounds. Singing and food at Menomonee Falls Gloria Dei provides a stronger sense of community among adult parishioners. Members and guests can bring food to pass at these events and meet new people. Getting to know your Milwaukee neighbors and fellow parishioners gives you a better sense of involvement in your community.

Contact Gloria Dei Lutheran Christian church in the Waukesha area for more information on our beneficial activities.